Monday, July 19, 2010

Upcoming Event: Gender Reveal Party

Hey everyone! As most of you may know, we are having our Gender Reveal Party this Thursday at Milano's Pizza at Dexter/Germantown Rd. We'll be there eating at 6:30, but if you just want to drop by for the revealment, then that will be around 7:30. We will have cake (that will reveal the sex) and some cupcakes as well from Muddy's Bakery.

A lot of people have asked how this works since it's still fairly new. Well here's the break down, my appointment to find out the sex is at 8:15 on Thursday morning. My ultrasound tech will hand me and envelope with the sex in it and we will have a DVD with the ultrasound recorded on it (Which I'm so glad they can do that because I hated the thought that I wouldn't get to see my baby). Once I've left, my ultrasound tech will inform the bakery of the sex so they can get cracking on the cake (I have made sure they understand that I don't want to know what's inside and that I hope they tell all their employees that). After the appointment, I will head to work, which I probably won't get much accomplished besides thinking about opening the envelope... Then after work, I will go to More Than Words to have an employee open the envelope to find out which Pandora charm to wrap up, the boy charm or the girl charm. I will then head to pick up the cake and then head to Milano's. Then it's party time!! I am so ready for Thursday to get here!!! And we look forward to seeing you all!! For now, stay tuned :)

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