Thursday, July 1, 2010


So, things are good but could be better. I'm having a hard time finding things to eat. I've been having weird gag reflexes and I'm sure most of it is mental (which I'm working on) but that and my stomach feeling bloated all the time is making it very difficult to want to eat. I'm doing ok for breakfast, good for lunch (thank you Subway), and not so good for dinner. Hopefully that will all change soon!

So, on to my reason for posting. As most mothers know, crazy dreams while you are pregnant are normal. Well, mine just started recently. My first one was about me having to move to the middle of no where with some third cousin's family who I've never met before. My distant cousin and I were trying to cover up a murder one of us had done. We were still in high school and apparently we had good cause to shoot the guy but I didn't dream of the actual shooting. I thought something was wrong with me (which still may be the case) but that's when Jamie reminded me that crazy dreams are common. So, every night since that night I've had detailed, long dreams.

Last nights was so far my weirdest dream (besides the fact that I might have murdered someone in another one). I was at my parents home, house sitting for the night. The weird thing was, there home was Chase and my home. In the dream, I only remember 2 differences from our real house and the dream house. 1. The kitchen had 2 windows on the wall were there aren't any 2. The pantry was facing the back yard. So very close to the real thing which was weird! I was watching Eclipse in the living room (Real Life: not possible yet, but would be awesome if I really could) and I heard a police siren go off. I called Chase and looked out the window to see a Memphis cop car (in Oakland) driving the cove searching for someone. Chase tells me he's on his way home and will call me later. Well, remember this wasn't our home so he wasn't coming to where I was. I didn't ask him to because I knew he'd tell me I was being a baby (Real Life: I hate being home alone at night).

I went to shut the blinds in the kitchen and noticed Morgan Freeman in a van in our backyard facing our kitchen. I told myself to stay calm, that he's doing nothing wrong or out of the ordinary, and don't let him know your scared beacuse you'll look racist(Real Life: I would have ran out the front door calling the cops because that's not normal for anyone!!).

Next thing I know, he was sitting at my kitchen table reading a newspaper. There were still blinds behind him that I wanted to cloes so that if there was a killer on the lose, he couldn't see inside that I was home alone (Real Life: Random person all the sudden in the house, blinds need to stay open and you need to run!). So I was still thinking he might not be the killer the cops are searching for. He wasn't really doing anything wrong so I didn't want him to think I was racist by running so I started talking to him and playing it cool.

He was creepy (Real Life: he doesn't rub me as creepy, seems like a nice guy) so I told him my husband was on him way home. He said great and I grabbed my phone to text Chase to come to my parents. I went to this pantry with my phone and got on facebook. It was just like real life facebook mobile. I searched for him and then wrote on his wall the following: "Hey I'm hanging out with a guy named Chase at my parents, you should come over and hang out too." Yes, the killers name was Chase. I guess my brain couldn't think of another name and I really wanted to put a name on there so if I went missing that they had good enough information to convict the guy?!? Or maybe I need to read a dream book and see what my killers name being means?? Maybe I should be cautious of Chase now. haha Also, I didn't put anything about the guy being creepy. I wanted to use that to my advantage if he did try to kill me.

After I wrote on his wall, I remember turning to look at the TV to watch a scene from Eclipse. Edward was holding Bella out of a plane and she was holding onto a coffin (Real Life: not a scene from any twilight book). He pulled her in like it was no big deal and made some witty comment and I laughed forgetting I was suppose to be on gaurd. Next thing I know, Morgan/Chase was right behind me. I went to real life mode then.

I ran to the garage and opened it. I, of course, was running and he, of course, was walking (Real Life: typical scary movie scene). I told him I already put on fb that I was hanging out with him and the cops would know. I told him I didn't say anything about him being scary. I just wanted to have it out there that he was at my house. I told him he still had time to run and there wouldn't be any trouble. He pulled a knife out and kept walking towards me (the garage door was being very slow to open). I woke up. The end.

I'm guessing seeing Eclipse last night had a lot to do with my dream. There was a preview for RED which has Morgan Freeman in it. I believe he is a spy or hit man for the government?!? I'm definitely not watching any scary movies for a while. I think only happy ones will help me sleep at night. We'll see... stay tuned!

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