Sunday, June 20, 2010

1st Trimester Down, 2 More To Go...

Today I will be caught up on the blog so from now on you should be getting to read the blog shortly after the event happens. So, to back track a little bit.... Chase and I went to our first doctors visit on May 19th. We went to Christine Mestemacher, who delivered Jamie's precious baby boy, and we loved her. We got to see our 8 week & 5 day old baby for the first time and hear his/her heart beat.
It was so amazing!!! He/she was kicking and scruming which was so neat to see. Everytime I've seen and ultrasound picture I've had to have someone explain what was what, but when you see it live like that you can tell everything and I was not expecting that! This made everything real to me and that's the moment it really hit me I was going to actually have a baby in Decemeber. I had no idea how emotional it was going to be. I wasn't feeling good that morning and really wasn't looking forward to getting out of bed for that visit but I ended up being very happy I did! I wish I could go to the doctor every week and get an ultra sound! It is so amazing! Oh and the ultrasound gave us a new due date... Christmas DAY!

Then Friday we went to our second visit, which was a bit of a teaser. We just got there and listened to the heart beat and that was it. Baby was doing great so they sent us on our way. I was wanting that experience we had the first time but oh well. I still love every time I get to listen to our baby's heart beating
away. The other bright side was we got out of there fast which meant we got to leave earlier than planned for the lake (Chase and I at the lake on Chase's first Fathers Day). Our next ultrasound visit is July 20th. Then two weeks after that we will go back to find out the sex!!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping July 20th though Jamie's friend who works the ultrasound will switch the 3D on so we can get a good idea of the sex then. Supposedly by 12 weeks they can tell the sex of the baby if he/she is laying the right way on a 3D so I'd assume at 17 weeks they could really get a good idea. Stay tuned :)

13 Weeks and 1 day

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